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Pavel Stránský

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Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares European Centre for Theoretical Studies
in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic (Mexico City, Mexico) (Trento, Italy)
1998-2009:Master and PhD studies
2014-now:academic researcher
2009-2011:postdoctoral position
(Investigador asociado "C" de tiempo completo)
2017, 2019
working visits
2011-2012:postdoctoral position

Research areas:

Classical and quantum chaos
Collective dynamics of atomic nuclei:
Geometric collective model (GCM),
Interacting boson model (IBM)
(Excited-state) quantum phase transitions
Many-body algebraic models:
Dicke model, Tavis-Cummings model,
Lipkin model, Rabi model, vibrons model
Nonhermitian extension of the quantum mechanics
Complex systems in physics, biology and medicine
Time series analysis, 1/f noise,
Detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA),
Empirical mode decomposition (EMD)
Classical and quantum dynamics of simple chaotic systems:
double pendulum, extensible pendulum
Shapes of atomic nuclei
Optical Dicke model
Out-of-time-ordered correlators (OTOC)
Excited-state quantum phase transitions