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Last updated: 9.6.2023

Student works

You find a list of theses and student projects here. If you are interested in a specific work on quantum chaos or on general aspects of many-body collective models and it is not listed here, contact me, please.

A list of all student works is given also in SIS.

Student projects (SFG)

Correlation analysis in nuclear masses 2020 Samuel Mičo
Colour shift at relativistic velocities 2019 Jakub Novotný GitHub

Bachelor theses

Algebraické su(1,1) models in quantum physics Jan Novotný in progress
1/f noise in an algebraic model of molecular vibrations Jindřich Dušek defended
Analysis of residual correlations in nuclear masses after application of Garvey-Kelson relations Samuel Mičo defended
Order and chaos in a simple model of molecular vibrations 2020 Jakub Novotný defended
Quasispin models in quantum physics 2019 Andrii Zymin defended
Relation between Schrödinger equation and diffusion equation 2018 Mojmír Poprocký defended

Diploma theses

Non-Hermitian quantum mechanics and quantum resonances not assigned
Open systems with an excited-state quantum phase transition not assigned
Out-of-time-order correlators in collective many-body systems Andrii Zymin in progress

PhD theses

Out-of-time-order correlators in quantum systems 2022 Jakub Novotný in progress