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Last updated: 22.5.2024

Classical measure of regularity freg(B) for more energies

freg(B,various E)
Figure 1: freg(B) for energies around E=0. Positive (negative) energies are plotted by reddish (blueish) curves. Zero energy E=0 is indicated by a thick violet curve. At this energy, well-pronounced maxima of the regularity are observed for B=0.31 and B=0.45. These maxima disapear when moved to nonzero energies (except the extremal case of very small energies in the region of the validity of the quadratic integrable approximation).
freg(B,various E<=0)
Figure 2: freg(B) for energies E≤0.
freg(B,various E>=0)
Figure 3: freg(B) for energies E≥0.