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Energy levels and wave functions

E(83) = 0.19347
FIRST -10 -5 -2 -1   +1 +2 +5 +10 LAST
Energy levels B=0 (basis E)
Figure 1: 150 lowest energy levels
Section γ=0 of the potential energy surface is drawed by the yellow curve. The blue thick line indicates the selected level; the orange thick line corresponds with the energy above that the chaotic dynamics appears. The red curves show the lowest energy states in the harmonic approximation of the bottom of the potential.
Peres lattice L^2, B=0 (basis E) Peres lattice H', B=0 (basis E)> Entropy B=0 (basis E)>
Figure 2: Peres lattice of operator L^2 Figure 3: Peres lattice of operator H' Figure 4: Entropy of the wave function
A more detailed lattice here.
Classical Peres invatiant here.
A more detailed lattice here.  
Wave function B=0 (basis E) Peres lattice H(H0), B=0 (basis E) PCN B=0 (basis E)
Figure 5: Density of the wave function Figure 6: Peres lattice of operator H Figure 7: Number of principal components
(caluclated in the resolution 400 x 400 points). The yellow curve bounds the classical kinematically accessible area. [calculated in the basis of H0=H(B=0)]. of the wave function