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Last updated: 14.5.2024

Quantum measure of regularity

Energy spectrum is calculated for several values of the classicality parameter κ=hbar/K (K is the mass parameter) and in three different quantization schemes: 5D (original geometric collective model, only 0+ states), E (quantum version of the classical nonrotating GCM, only even states, obeying additionally the point symmetry with respect to the rotation about the angle 2π/3), and O (the same as E, but odd states). The quantum regularity is measured with the adjunct 1-ω of the Brody parameter. The thick violet line corresponds to the classical measure of regularity freg(E). Parameters of the calculation:
Basis size: approximately 54,000 states
Well-converging states: 30,000
Number of energies used for evaluating one point in the graph: 1 000
Unfolding for each subset of energies: Polynomial of degree 3

Adjunct Brody(B=1.09,E) Adjunct Brody(B=1.09,E) Adjunct Brody(B=1.09,E)