Pavel Stránský
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Last updated: 14.5.2024

Level dynamics of a 2D system for the study of ESQPT

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Data (zip) Gamma dependence 1     Gamma dependence 2
2 1 0.0015 2 1 0.0015 T 2 1 0.0015 D
Figure 1. Level dynamics for B=C=K=1. Thick red lines correspond to the position of the deformed minimum, spherical minimum, and the barrier between them. Vertical blue lines mark the spinodal point A=0 and the critical point A=1/4. The antispinodal point sits at A=9/32. Figure 2. Level dynamics of transformed spectrum ET=E-V2), where β2 is the position of the deformed minimum. The figure is mirrored with respect to the axis A=0, i.e. the deformed minimum is on the right and the spherical minimum on the left. Figure 3. A detail of Figure 2. Thick grean and mangenta lines correspond to the estimated position of the "critical triangles" on the zeroth and first γ excitation, respectively.